Gavioli 46-Key Organ with Dolle Facade

Location: Music Hall

Manufacture Date:Circa 1890

Song Title: Set Down Your Rocking The Boat

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The Gavioli 46 Key Organ with Dolle Façade was another instrument created by famous Gavioli et Cie, of Paris, France. This small European fairground organ has an early version of the cardboard-played keyframe system, but the upper portion of the façade is from a different organ of an unknown origin. There are only 100- 200 or more of its general type that exists worldwide.

The beautifully carved wooden piece above was not original to the organ. This portion of the instrument was later created by Fred Dolle, a Coney Island carousel operator and importer that formerly owned a cake decorating business. The majority of the façade is by him, and his cake decorating experience is obvious. For many years this organ played the song "Barney Goggle" and the happy face was thus named for the song.