Story and Clarks Player Reed Organ

Location: Music Hall

Manufacture date: Circa 1905

Song Title: Stein Song

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The Story and Clark's Player Reed Organ Is a rare self-playing reed organ originally made for home use. It was made by the Story and Clark Co., Chicago, IL. The player reed organs were among the first instruments to use the new pneumatic systems and "piano rolls" beginning in the 1890's. This organ has an especially beautiful inlaid oak case, and was an expensive addition to its original owner's home. Ozzie Wurdeman bought it in Minneapolis and converted it to play A rolls with his own unique combination electrical-pneumatic system in the late 1950's. True to Ozzie's knowledge and love of Mills Violano roll mechanisms, he made the spool frame to "stop rewind" by sensing the number of tums of paper left on the roll, a system that worked better on the Mills Violano than on this organ, thus it seldom stops at the actual beginning of the first son